Marble Backsplash Enhances the Family Kitchen

marble back splashThe Kitchen is the New Family Focus
The kitchen has always been a focus for families and, in the past, its function has been food preparation. But the world has changed. Many families live in stressful trajectories, moving quickly between schools and jobs and outside engagements. Often now the only place families meet up is in the kitchen. As a result, its importance in the helping nuclear family function well has grown. Kitchens now are no longer just a location for food storage and preparation. They are the places where homework is done, television is watched, meals are eaten, family activities planned, and guests are entertained. With the growth in their function, kitchens have become larger, more versatile and homeowners are increasingly willing to pay money to make them convivial, attractive places.
The New Stone Age
An old material – stone – is making a comeback. Modern kitchens now often feature tiles, counters and backsplashes made of stone. Marble and granite are two popular choices. Despite their higher price index, they have clear advantages. Stone combines superior aesthetics with a durability that can't be beaten. Granite, for example, is extremely resilient to heat, stains, chipping and scratching. Marble backsplashes are easily cleaned.
And both marble and granite boast a look that cannot be replicated. Each piece is unique and the variations in stone guarantee a range of colour and styles that will suit any décor. Marble suggests elegance and has a sheen and hardness that makes it perfect for a food preparation area. Bacteria can't find a home to breed in the glossy finish of marble. Marble is cool to the touch and a perfect surface for many kitchen activities like rolling dough. Granite is durable and complements any kind of colour scheme; it also comes in tiles that are less expensive than granite slabs and are very low maintenance. Granite also has a unique relationship to light; it gains depth and its textures are enhanced, and are fascinating to the eye. And it's incredibly heat resistant.
Both granite and marble have the added advantage of enhancing a home's resale value. Yes, the purchase and installation cost is higher than with other flooring or countertop materials, but the return on that investment is correspondingly much greater. And while the kitchen is growing more valuable monetarily, priceless family interactions are also taking place in its inviting environs.
Taking care of Business
Granite and marble both require cleaning of course. With granite, it is advised to use a clean, microfiber cloth and mild dish or hand soap, rather than anything more abrasive. There are stone cleaners available and it is important to use one that has a neutral PH. Granite needs to be resealed periodically, as well. Sealing your granite floor or counter makes it less porous, more stain resistant and it protects its enduring beauty.
Stone is generally well-suited to the high traffic of the kitchen – from small fry to dinner party guests. Its durability and attractiveness enhances what has indisputably become the most important room in the family home.